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Pepero Day

I arrived at school at 830 today, like an other day. But it was far from normal. I had Pepero thust at me from all angles. As well as demented screams of children yelling ‘PEPERO! TEACHER! GIVE ME!’ I ran for my office, Pepero falling from my overloaded arms.

Say what?!

Pepero Day: a day to give out as many chocolate covered biscuit sticks as you possible can. A day where Lotte makes ridiculous amounts of money for flogging these chocolate covered biscuit sticks to anyone and everyone. And this year it is a Pepero Day with a huge bang: Millennium Pepero Day!

The Pepero display in the local supermarket.

You might be wondering ‘Why this specific day?’ And the answer is simple: Pepero looks like the number 1. And on this day it is 11/11, so it looks like 4 little Pepero sticks standing together. Millennium Pepero Day is the ultimate triple wammy: 11/11/11! And people have been going crazy for it. Millions must’ve been spent so far, and we still have a few hours to go.

So, how did this day start? Well there are a few theories. One is that it was inadvertantly started by 2 young girls who gave each other Pepero with the wish that they will grow tall and slim, just like a stick of Pepero. Another is that it just started randomly when someone noticed that Peperos looked like ‘1’ and exchanged them. And the most plausable and likely explaination is that it was invented by Lotte, the company that makes Pepero. Must be one of the best ever marketing moves out there! Apparently Lotte makes over 70% of it’s annual Pepero sales around this time. And I can indeed see the truth in that.

Here is what I managed to bring home with me, after eating, sharing and refusing offers all day:

More Pepero than I've eaten since the last Pepero Day!

And with that, I wish you all a Happy Pepero Day!