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Bali Road Trip

So, after spending 5 glorious days in Ubud, we hit the road for Lovina with the words of warning “Be careful, the road to Lovina is a snake” ringing in our ears.

Road tripper!

We took it slow. And got there safely after some confusion about what road we were on. Turns out that neither of the 3 husketeers are good at directions. And there we were thinking the kind man who was trying to correct our mistake was a bit of a nitwit for insisting that we were going in the complete opposite direction from where we thought we were.

Ah, well, we made in the end.  It did take us a few more hours than it should have, we did get stopped by some policemen who made a nice 300 000 rupee off us, we were forced to pay a couple thousand rupees to some very unofficial looking men who insisted we pay to pass. It felt a bit like Gandalffin Lord of the Rings when we hits his stick into the ground and screams “you shall not pass”. And we crept around the curves of the mountains at around 30km/ hour.

But after conquering that first day we were a pack of road warriors I tell you.

Our road trip went something like this~

Day 1: We travelled from Ubud to the black sand beaches of Lovina. We ended up staying in Lovina for 2 nights, which was a wise choice as, after one too many Arak cocktails, we found ourselves on the back of a random man’s scooter being whisked off to play guitar and sing and dance the night away in…was it a bar? someones house?…maybe we’ll never know!

Sunset in Lovina

Day 3: After a day of R&R we got up at the crack of dawn to go and watch the dolphins off the coast of Lovina. Although it was very pretty seeing the sun rise over the water and looking at pods of dolphins, I felt rather uncomfortable with the way the boats encircle and chase after the dolphins and it is not something that I would do again. After that we hopped back on our hogs and took the coastal road to Amed. It is a small fishing village that has become famous for diving. The beach is not the most wonderful place if you are simply looking to swim and relax because it is just pebbles. With that being said the water was lovely. Crystal clear and warm.

Day 4: The hogs were remounted and driven down to the port town of Padagbai where we spent our final 2 days. Although most people just go to Padangbai to take a ferry to the Gili Islands it is a really nice little town with 2 beautiful beaches. The final days were spent in a haze of sun and sea. There are many people offering to take you out snorkeling, and aside from some horrible plastic floating in the ocean (I suppose it is a port town) it was good snorkelling.


Day 6: The end of the road, as they say. We scooted back to Ubud and bid farewell to our trusty 100cc hogs and took on the market vendors of Ubud. (Personally I think driving a scooter was easier than haggling with the market woman!)

Kate x

(I would highly recommend renting scooters to get around the island. Although the traffic, people, dogs and general chaos can be a bit daunting at times it is a great way to see the island. And cheap. We paid 35 000 rupees/ day and then spend about 10 000 rupees/ day filling up the tank.)