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One of the first things that I noticed about Gyeongju were the huge, grass-covered mounds. And then I was struck by the absence of high-rise buildings.  What is this place and how is it blessed with open areas and uninterupted skylines?

Gyeongju, which is also known as ‘the museum without walls’, and for good reason, was the old capital of the Shilla Dynasty and the home of kings and conquerors. It is in this now- small country town in modern day Korea that you can walk into old kings’ tombs, pray at ancient temples and enjoy a bit of open space.

Here are some of the photos that I took there yesterday.

The entrance to Bulguksa Temple

The main courtyard at Bulguksa Temple

Saying their prays

Little Buddha sitting amongst the wishing stones.

Sunny and I under a red canopy of leaves.

Cabbage clad bike

The entrance to Cheonmachong park.

The last of the autum leaves