Beijing, China

In August 2010 I visited Beijing for 9 days. I loved my time there but I left in the midst of a summer downpour, saying ‘I would never choose to live here!’ It is a crowded and chaotic place where the sky hangs low, hazy and oppressing. It is also fascinating and ancient with so many things to see and too much inforation to take in.













Going to the Great Wall was one of my bucket list items, and being there was surreal. And hot and humid!

The Summer Palace was one of my favourite places in Beijing. It, like most other attractions, is enormous and your feet will wear out before you have seen it all.

Peking Duck is truly delicious. As well as most other food in Beijing, well probably all of it except for the spiders, which were also ironically the most expensive thing I ate there!

All in all Beijing was a great place to visit, filled with many sights, sounds and smells.

Click on the image if you want to enlarge it. (All photos were taken on my Sony Cybershot.)


2 responses to “Beijing, China

  1. Interesting blog from an adventurous spirit.
    Good luck on your travels —
    BTW, excellent photos — but maybe a little more info on each? I for one was curious to know more —

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