TEFL Cape Town

So you want to be an English teacher in: Korea? China? Japan? Taiwan? South America? Well the world is your oyster, as they say. But chances are, that before you head off you’ll need to get a TEFL certification. If you are looking to get certified in Cape Town, the place that you should go to is The Knowledge Workshop.

I became a certified TEFLer at The Knowledge Workshop at the end of 2009, 2 months before I left for the shores of South Korea. It was an intense, fun and rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in the EFL/ ESL industry.

The course is 3 weeks long, or 100hours. 2 weeks make up the theoretical component. This is then followed by a rewarding week putting into practice what you learned.  So, I suppose this sounds pretty standard to you if you’ve done any research about TEFL courses? Well read on to find out why this course is far from standard.

Your teacher, the dynamic, energetic, passionate curly- haired Marian James. This woman is the teacher you have always wished for, and probably you’ll hope to become something like her once you embark on your own teaching journey. Marian made me excited about EFL teaching and gave me the tools to stop being nervous about what lay ahead.

The content of the course and the way that it was presented meant that all the students were constantly engaged. For 5 hours. Over 2 weeks. No easy task if you ask me! The course is laid out in such a way that you can feel it building up to something bigger. Which is, of course, the practical component, which can seem rather daunting at the start of your 3 weeks. But in 2 short weeks, with the help of well structured content, a guiding hand and some rather grueling assignments (grueling, in a good way) it’ll be a breeze!

That brings me to, what I thought was, the most rewarding part of this whole thing: The practical. There is nothing quite like that feeling of being unleashed on a group of students for the first time, and I for one was glad that I had the chance to do that in the comfort of my own country! Marian has an agreement with Ikamvalethu Secondary School in Langa. Although all the students at the school can speak English, they are not first language speakers, so it is the perfect place to practice.

I am glad that I started my EFL ‘career’ at The Knowledge Workshop and I know that you will be too (I base my confidence on the fact that 100% of people I have recommended do this course have felt the same way as me)!

Take a look at some pictures of me and my fellow graduates  in action here.


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  1. I took my TEFL online but I wish I’d had the option to do it in the classroom. But I finished my 100 hour course and am moving to China in a week to teach. It all depends on what’s available and how much you want to spend on your teaching class. I would personally advise against any course less that 100 hours though.

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