Philippines and Hong Kong, here I come!

My winter holiday is all booked. Well mostly. But it’s more exciting to say ‘it’s all booked’!

I am off to the Philippines and Hong Kong in January, which feels ages away, but I am still really excited!

It all happened rather quickly due to the massive sale that was going on on the Cebu Pacific website. Unfortunelty I only caught the tail end of the sale, but I was still pretty pleased with nabbing a ticket from Cebu to Hong Kong for less than $60.

So far I have flights booked to take me to the magical island of Coron. It looks truly incredible. Crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs, mystical lakes, an abundance of fish. Could I ask for any more?

After Coron I’ll be heading to Cebu. I still have to work out the details, but Bohol sounds like a good place to explore. And then I’ll be jetting off to Hong Kong to celebrate the begining of the Year of the Dragon on the 23rd of January.

Does anyone have any recommendations of things to do or places to stay?



3 responses to “Philippines and Hong Kong, here I come!

  1. Hi Kate. I’ve been to Cebu last month and I had fun.
    You can check my blog entry about my trip for things to do in Cebu.

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