This past weekend marked a major cultural holiday in Korea, Chuseok.

For Koreans this means making the pilgrimage back to their hometowns, or if they still live there, to their parents/ grandparent’s home. Basically every year the Chuseok holiday is 3 days, the middle day being ‘the big one’ where the festivities take place. So,what happens is, the whole family will gather from the far-flung corners of the Korean Peninsular and offer a table of food to their ancestors, bow to them and then later the men will go and clean up the tombs where their ancestors lie. If you are married you go to your husband’s family. According to my married co-workers Chuseok is not fun and involves endless hours of cooking and cleaning!

For foreigners living in Korea Chuseok means having a long weekend! This year it was a 4 day affair and if you were lucky like me, 5 days (some schools and businesses stayed closed for an extra day).

Unfortunately for me Chuseok came at a bit of a bad time since I recently got back from my summer holiday. So I didn’t have time to plan a great escape out of Korea. Rather I took a trip to Seoul with some friends.

Here is some photographic evidence of my time there.

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One response to “Chuseok

  1. your photos are excellent.Some of those effects are pretty impressive- photoshop? XXX

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