Summer Holiday

Hello again,

About 2 weeks ago I left Korea in a rush and flurry of excitement on my much-anticipated summer holiday. And I completely neglected my fledgling blog :/ Singapore and Bali were much too exciting, and my schedule was rather tight – forgive me? But now I am back in Korea, and back to work, so I have some extra time on my hands again.

In a nut-shell, Singapore is an amazingly neat, clean, organised, compact and cosmopolitan city.

Bali is friendly, welcoming island dream with so much to offer. Beaches. Scooters. Food. People. Sun. Green-ness. Fun.

There was so much to do in both locations, so it made for a super 2 week getaway. I am busy looking through my photos as we speak (there are many!) and I will post some with some holiday tales and tips in the coming days.

Kate x


One response to “Summer Holiday

  1. I’m looking forward to your pictures!

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